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    Kingdom Hearts (FM): Hallow Bastion Entrance.

    I thought that was some awesome new keyblade that I never knew about, but it was just Donald being the glitchy motherfucker he is.


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    tryin to think of a good comeback but instead u just


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    give me the reasons not to reblog this.

    they don’t exist

    You don’t see many Mumford and Sons gifsets. This is really cool.


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    Ahh yes, The dreaded school. When it comes around we all dread, new teachers, new schedule, some new unfamiliar faces, the MASSIVE amount of homework load, less time on tumblr. Here is another long post with a few sites and others to help you out here!

    College needs:


    Helpful sites:

    High school needs:

    Mental health resources:

    Misc resources:



    School resources:

    Stress relief:

    Studying/school help:

    Foreign Languages:



    Study Needs:


    1. Remember that today’s day in age is different from how it was back then. So don’t stress about school too much.High school students today have the anxiety of what a mental patient in the insane asylum had in the 50s. Here’s also a thing to show how times have changed.
    2. Prioritize. List what needs to get done first and when. Sometimes getting the bigger/harder tasks is easier than conquering the smaller/easier tasks.
    3. Set times when certain projects need to be done and stick to that deadline.
    4. Turn your phone off or give it to your parents while doing work/studying. I know that we live in the age of technology and literally everything is at the touch of our fingertips. Honestly though you can wait on what your favorite celebrity has to say or if your crush liked your instagram photo. You’ll be more involved in that than you are into your work.
    5. If you have trouble in a certain subject and there is no assigned seating, take advantage of the front. I guarantee you’ll learn more.
    6. Ask your teacher what exactly you’ll need to know. If you’re taking notes during the year, write in the margins whether or not it will be tested. It will be easier to know what you will be tested on.
    7. Save your exams. Half the time your teachers use the same questions (or questions similar) from your exams on your midterms or finals.
    8. Don’t try to do homework straight afterschool if you can’t, despite what everyone says. Give yourself an hour, and try to get some exercise in. I find it stops me getting bored of sitting down. Not to mention helps me concentrate better.
    9. Don’t just read the material, write it, draw it, recite it, quiz yourself on it! Until you have the material down.
    10. Join clubs, sports, or organizations! You’re guaranteed to find friends in there. You’ll already have common interests. Start with that and go with the flow.
    11. College kids: If you don’t have assigned seating, and you have been sitting in the same seat for 2 weeks. That is you assigned seat now. Don’t move or you’ll screw everyone up and they will hate you.
    12. Color code things, such as your notes. If you want to see how I color code my notes message me and I’ll be happy to show you
    13. Be kind to one another.

    I think that about does it. So yeah:)

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    heres a midi of hips dont lie with a banjo as the vocals

    i cant believe this

    this sounds like it belongs in a legend of zelda game


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    she’s getting stronger

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  8. Chris Evans’ mom said his character in The Losers (Jake Jensen) is the most like Chris in real life.

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    every time I see this it gets reblogged

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    The recent release of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" reminded me of one of my favorite ape vs. man films – this 1932 video that shows a baby chimpanzee and a baby human undergoing the same basic psychological tests.

    Its gets weirder – the human baby (Donald) and the chimpanzee baby (Gua) were both raised as humans by their biological/adopted father Winthrop Niles Kellogg.  Kellogg was a comparative psychologist fascinated by the interplay between nature and nurture, and he devised a fascinating (and questionably ethical) experiment to study it:

    Suppose an anthropoid were taken into a typical human family at the day of birth and reared as a child. Suppose he were fed upon a bottle, clothed, washed, bathed, fondled, and given a characteristically human environment; that he were spoken to like the human infant from the moment of parturition; that he had an adopted human mother and an adopted human father.

    First, Kellogg had to convince his pregnant wife he wasn’t crazy:

     …the enthusiasm of one of us met with so much resistance from the other that it appeared likely we could never come to an agreement upon whether or not we should even attempt such an undertaking.

    She apparently gave in, because Donald and Gua were raised, for nine months, as brother and sister. Much like Caesar in the “Planet of the Apes” movies, Gua developed faster than her “brother,” and often outperformed him in tasks. But she soon hit a cognitive wall, and the experiment came to an end. (Probably for the best, as Donald had begun to speak chimpanzee.)

    You can read more about Kellogg’s experiment, its legacy, and public reaction to it here.

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    alex turner drinking beer in my mums best friends flat after they played a show in copenhagen

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